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Thick And Curly Beautiful Eyelashes Everyday?

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are a fresh new innovative approach to having beautiful eyelashes every day, 24 hours a day!


Our Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions now offer you a great selection that will suit every individual need you may have so… whether you want longer, thicker or more curved eyelashes then for sure our eyelash extensions will look completely natural and right on you because they are soft and flexible to perfectly simulate your real eyelashes from root to tip.


* Longer Eyelashes

* Thicker Eyelashes

* Curlier Eyelashes

* Bigger Younger Looking Eyes

* No Need For Mascara


We attach each eyelash individually to create defined lashes that will not only look great 24 hours a day but they shall also feel amazing in your every day life 24 hours a day leaving you to carry on with your normal every day life from showering through to exercising on to swimming without having to worry at all.


Our Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions not only creo use of mascara so another great benefit to Semi-Permanent Eyelashes!


The attachment procedure itself is actually very relaxing and takes around two hours to complete a full set. Once you have your complete set of eyelashes fixed then just like your normal eyelashes you will only need to have them replaced when they naturally fall away with your real eyelashes.


A simple top up system as you need them, great right!