Semi-Permanent Makeup - Look Naturally Beautiful Every Day!


Semi Permanent Makeup is a relatively recent phenomenon, becoming more relevant in the last 15 years. It is implanting the right colour in the right place so you can look better naturally. It is not an extreme art but one of subtle harmony. It is the implantation of a pigment suspended in a medium into the dermis or under the skin instead of on top as with traditional makeup. SPMU is an alternative to cosmetic pencils applied to the eyebrows, eylids, lips and other parts of the face. 


Permanent make-up or semi-permanent make-up as it often refered is the perfect solution to enhance eyebrows, eyes and lips and camouflage scars without the hassle of applying make-up every single day. Would you like to have eyebrows and/or eyeliner that won't smear or wear off all day, even when you swim or workout? Would you like to have lip colour that stays on while you eat? Then you've come to the right place. Our Therapist creates beautiful eyebrows, eyeliner and lips in colours that are perfect for your style and skin tone that will last and last. Whether you prefer a natural look or a very glamorous look, each procedure  will be tailored to meet your personal needs. Feel free to call any time to ask questions, find out what permanent make-up procedures would be best for you or to book an appointment or a consultation.



Emphasising your eyes with the expert use of permanent cosmetics can create natural looking beauty or the look of make-up expertly applied. Lashes appear fuller and thicker, clever use of colour achieves eyes that stand out amongst the crowd

Eyebrow Enhancement


Whether you have fair, sparse or uneven brows, or even no hair growth at all, this highly important feature can be completely recreated and designed to suit your face.



✓  Add stunning shape and extra definition for a more youthful look. 

✓  Restore the appearance of realistic looking brows with realistic hairstroke brow treatments.

✓  Placing them in the correct position and in the correct colours, achieves a more youthful appearance, giving the look of an eye lift and reducing the appearance of your years.
✓  Often brows require lift to aid in the opening of the eyes, possibly hooded through age. 

✓  Add fabulous shape and lift to your brows – without the need for the surgeon’s scalpel.

✓  Correct sparse or over-plucked brows and say goodbye to your brow pencil

Whether you simply want to add a youthful flush of colour to faded lips, improve the definition of your lip line, or even have a fully redefined lip contour, it is all achievable with permanent Make-up.



✓  Want a more dramatic look? Recreate your favorite lipstick with a full colour lip boost 

✓  Restore the shape and natural colour of your lips

✓  Get the pout you have always wanted – without the need for fillers
✓  Correct asymmetrical lip lines for a more proportionate shaped mouth 

✓  Repair uneven areas of colour due to cold sores and scarring