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Look gorgeous & feel great with He-Shi Tan.


Everyone feels better with a bit of colour and what better way to achieve this all year round, than through a safe and quick Spray tan in the comfort of your own homeā€¦


Whether you are looking for just a healthy glow or a deep bronzed tan, Spray Tanning is the proven, safe, celebrity way to feel great about your looks and your body without exposing your skin to any of the harmful and damaging UV rays from either the natural sun or from sunbeds


In less than 10 minutes you can be sprayed & bronzed and on your way to feeling gorgeous, it's so easy! No mess, no fuss and the tan will develop completely naturally into a rich and golden colour over the next 5-8 hours leaving you with up to 7 days of wonderful colour.


There really is no safer way to achieve a fabulously tanned body and it will instantly help you to look toned and slimmer. Whether you choose to incorporate it into your weekly beauty routine or just have a tan for special occasions, you will be thrilled with the natural results and certainly feel like a celebrity but at a tiny fraction of the cost! Why not get together with some friends and have a Tanning Party?! When only a smooth, silky off the beach look is good enough, keep that Summer Feeling all year round with a Spray Tan.

Suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes, men, women & children alike!


Spray tans are ideal for:

*Ladies: girls nights out, pamper parties, hen parties, weddings, special occasions, weekly routines.

*Gentleman: holidays, gym competitions, feeling fitter, look more toned.

*Children: dance / ballet competitions, drama productions, theatre groups.